2-in-1 Business: Dumpster & Box Compatible Roll-off Trailer!

A Mobile Storage, Moving & Roll-off Dumpster Business Opportunity from APSU, Inc.

Sales Manager

Gus Llerenas
Gus Llerenas, Sales Manager


Operations Manager

Gary Smith
Gary Smith, Operations Manager



The Stow-N-Tow Vision

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what it takes to create a sustainable business operation. Our mission is to enable small business owners to grow their businesses successfully with a low-overhead, asset-based investment, in an industry with demonstrated resilience. Understanding what it takes to be a business owner, from our own entrepreneurial experience, we've chosen to provide an opportunity that requires a "low-overhead" investment of time as well...in fact, a Stow-N-Tow operation can easily be run by a single operator/owner. In short, we're here to get your business on the road to success.


Who We Are

APSU Incorporated was formed by Gus Llerenas and Gary Smith to provide profitable and easily managed business opportunities to small business operators…opportunities like the Stow-N-Tow Mobile Storage & Moving system. The Stow-N-Tow idea was born in 2007 with Gus Llerenas' successful transformation of used truck boxes into rentable portable storage units. Seeing the rapid success and 0% vacancy rate of his own portable storage business, the immense growth opportunity available in the portable storage market became apparent to both Gus and Gary.

Stow-N-Tow was formed to further advance the portable storage capabilities and business potential for existing small businesses, particularly in specific niche markets where larger franchised portable storage companies are absent or lack viability.

As passionate entrepreneurs with over three decades of combined business experience, both Gus and Gary have a history of integrity, creative thinking, problem-solving, and business flexibility. Each has experience in multiple successful business endeavors - from concrete and tile installation, to restaurant ownership and management, to waste oil heating and dumpster rental. Through their extensive experience in leading day-to-day management of business operations and managing the businesses' growth to profitability, Gus and Gary have learned what it takes to provide a viable, profitable business solution. In addition to being passionate about their own success, they are passionate about providing opportunities for success to other small business entrepreneurs.





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